Master your finances

BalanceBook will help you reach your financial goals sooner. Track expenses, stocks and crypto all in one place to get the ultimate overview.

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Expenses made easy

Add your accounts in one place to get the full picture. See where your money is going with clear analytics. Spot opportunities to improve your spending habits.

Expenses made easy

Powerful analyses

Are you beating the market? Find out by comparing your stock and crypto portfolio to the S&P500. This is just one the many powerful analytics of BalanceBook.

Portfolio performance vs S&P500

Deep Insight

Drill down on individual investments. Analyse your results and see whether you bought or sold at the right time. Watch your net worth grow with the portfolio tracking feature.

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Supports 25+ Currencies

Currency conversion doesn’t have to be a pain. Foreign stocks are automatically converted to your local currency.

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Privacy First

Your data is securely stored on your device and in your iCloud, no sign-up required. We don’t sell your data to anyone or bother you with ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many apps that allow you to categorize expenses, but your finances are probably more complex than that. BalanceBook allows you to bring together everything, from expenses to your stocks and crypto portfolio. This will give you far greater insight than shallow expense tracking.

BalanceBook is free to use for as long as your like. We also do not annoy you with ads or sell your data. Upgrade to our Premium subscription for additional functionality only if you want to.

Premium is a monthly/yearly subscription model that gives you access to additional functionality for even greater insight in your finances. It is managed through your Apple App Store account and can be cancelled any time.

Your data privacy and security is our top priority. Your data is stored on your phone and securely in your personal iCloud, and is not shared or sold to third parties.

Yes! BalanceBook is available worldwide in the Apple App Store and supports over 25 currencies.

To add stocks or crypto, create a new transaction and change the transaction type to 'Stock' or 'Crypto'. To add your portfolio simply add all your purchase and sales transactions.